The Dance Show In The Dalmatinac

I attend a dance show every few months in one of our local social clubs: the Dalmatinac Club.

It is a sporting and events venue that was established by European migrants some decades ago in an area where many of them settled. They were keen on soccer, lawn bowling, darts, and a good time.

They made a magnificent complex of the place and can now rent it out for other entertainment purposes when their own societies don’t need it. I admire their function room as it has good seating, a proper stage, a kitchen and a fully functional bar. The dance club is very well served every time they hold a show there.

It does have some peculiarities, however. European roots run deep and old memories are in evidence in many places like this. I recall a Macedonian social club in a northern suburb with a picture of Queen Elizabeth II on one side of the stage and a mustachioed Macedonian patriarch on the other. He was probably one of the founders of the old country.

The Dalmatinac Club has Marshal Tito opposite Her Majesty.. She gets an Australian flag beside her official portrait and the Marshal has a bunch of artificial flowers under his portrait. I can imagine there are loyal toasts drunk on official occasions.

I wonder what other social clubs have on their walls, and what toasts are drunk?

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