I Don’t Expect You To Be Grateful

But equally, I do not treasure your ingratitude.

If I have done you a service, it is done. It may have been out of sympathy, or pity. It may have been out of a sense of justice, or of amity. It may even have been out of a sense of curiosity to see what you would do next. Whichever motive was uppermost, the service is finished, and you need not pay for it with emotion or speech.

However, if you do wish to call it to mind, consider how shabbily you behave in complaining of it. Had you wished to treat a helping hand with contempt, you should have done it at the time it was offered…not long after it has worked for you.

You do yourself no moral service with this attitude. Biting the hand that has fed you is a cur’s behaviour.

However, in doing so you do make the future an easier one for me, if not for yourself. Troubles never cease, and can return as regularly as the day. What afflicted you before will menace you again – only next time I will feel no compulsion to lend you aid. Why should I…you would only sneer at me for it.

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