Flip The Coin

Retirement commenced for me in 2016. I have been examining it carefully ever since.

Like every coin, it has two sides; good and bad. I have tabulated them:


a. You have less money in retirement. Whatever your financial arrangements might be they never make up for the loss of a steady wage or profit. You have less discretionary cash to spend.

b. People regard you as superfluous. If you are not part of their work team you have no place on the planet.

c. You are seen as a burden on the taxpayers, your family, and the sewage and drainage service.

d. You are old, and therefore cannot know what is going on.


a. You need less money in retirement. You are not competing with the Joneses. You already have enough goods and it is just a matter of using them up.. You are more discrete with your purchases.

b. As a non-worker, you cannot be dictated to by the boss. As long as you have at least two fingers left you can express a valid opinion on any workplace issues. You own your place on the planet freehold and can bid defiance to the world.

c. You paid your taxes for 50+ years. Now the tap goes the other way. This also applies to sewage.

d. Being old, you have seen it before and need not fall for it again. You can enjoy the sight of the young being fleeced by shysters. Occasionally you can defraud them yourself.

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