Shout Out To…

All the people who have been attacked through Facebook, the press, social media sites, and other platforms that allow no defence.

Here’s to the:

So-Called Narcissists – who find that every blessed thing they say or do is attacked by their ex-spouse. It doesn’t matter whether they have done something right or wrong, they are still tarred with what has become a fashionably mean brush.

In a way, it may be comforting to them. If they had to make a choice of behaviour before, based upon what might have been thought or said of them, they need not worry now. All will be wrong now and they can just suit themselves. It’s possibly a blessed relief to be cursed with a bad name.

So-Called Toxic people – again they find themselves plastered with a currently common curse. As it is a label applied from outside, it is easy enough to tear off.

The so-called toxicity of the person may be no more than their propensity for telling the truth when lies would seem sweeter – or vice versa. The effect of this is to unsettle the Facebook poster. They look round for a patch of outer darkness into which to cast their detractor, and the internet is always open. Then they are traduced by their former friend…toxicity works both ways.

So-Called Right or Left Wingers – well, you’ll be wrong 50% of the time in any political discussion and if it is at a cocktail party you can advance to 75% both ways once the second martini kicks in. Do not be discouraged. Time has a way of heaving over a country’s command structure every few years and if you were disappointed before you’ll be joyous soon.

So-Called Nay-sayers – well, you can retreat to the biblical injunction to restrict your speech to ” yea ” and ” nay ” and do no harm at all. The adoption of a negative point of view did Diogenes no harm in the long run, and his fame has run monger than yours ever will. Prepare a tub and a lantern!

  • So-Called Losers – A particularly North American put-down, it can be applied to anyone whom you wish to dominate – particularly if they have less money than you. It’s still seen as a form of bullying to do it outright, but if you try to sneer at them for not succeeding – while subtly suggesting that you have. Be careful that they never detect you in the future in some disgraceful act – the internet is free to all and they’ll fling the sort of mud that will stick forever.

So-Called Foreigners – here you have gold. There are a number of continents in the world-all divided into hundreds of countries. You are native to one of them and therefore have a wide selection of people from other places to hate. Of course you can hate your fellow citizens too, but in some respects this is dividing aim and weakening your force.

The most sophisticated haters of foreigners are emigrants from the very lands they rail against. If you can get people to hate Them instead of You, all the time knowing you to be one of them, you are at the peak of skill.

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