Australia’s Most Ethical…

If you thought I was writing about a lawyer, politician, or philosopher, you’d be wrong. Australia’s most ethical is a brand of coffee.

Or so the advertisement on Facebook tells us. From the name, one can assume it is from New Guinea. It raises a number of questions:

a. Is it virtuous coffee produced by virtuous people?

b. Are there any bad people involved along the line?

c. Does it taste virtuous?

d. How do you know?

e. Are you virtuous enough to drink it?

I have no idea about the taste – I get Nescafé in a jar and L’Oro in pods and don’t know what virtue or ethics taste like in coffee. I am able to tell the difference when someone puts sugar or milk in it – finer chemistry is beyond me.

I can, however detect even minute traces of commercial bullshit when I see it in an advertisement. Even buried deep within a Facebook feed, the distinct odour is unmistakeable.

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