Decided To Clean Up My Act

Used car detergent. Now my crutch itches. *

That’ll be the last time I take the advice of a Facebook meme. I really only blame myself for paying any attention to advice given over a channel that asks for personal information to be sold on to scammers. I do not go to the dangerous neighbourhoods in town or socialise with the demi-monde. Why should I expose myself to danger on the blessed social media?

If I wanted to injure myself, I could do it in the workshop with a wood chisel. No need to be told how to do that…

And this is the dilemma of our age. We tune in to a marvellous facility that is used for idiotic and criminal purposes and believe everthing it tells us. It’s almost as if it was a newspaper and we were 19th century readers…

  • * Not that I’m complaining, mind…

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