When You Start To Feel Vaguely Ridiculous…

You have already been noticeably ridiculous for some time.

Others have seen it, and if you have not been told about it, it’s because they either love you or hate you. Your friends will not want to hurt your feelings and your enemies hope you will do something even worse.

What to do? Well, if you are in a hole you don’t want to be in, stop digging. If you are deliberately creating a humorous theatrical performance, congratulate yourself. If it is all a surprise, examine your mind to see what ridicule means to you.

Some people are destroyed by it. They need approval and respect to validate their lives. When it is at risk, or has been cut off, they are in desperate straits. They may become untouchable or go off the rails completely to punish those who laugh at them.

Some people welcome it – if they are establishing a comedic career, projecting folly and being rewarded with ridicule is the wonderful. It only requires time to convert that laughter to sympathy and then to love. And you can sell love on every street corner in town. Don’t give receipts.

For some people there is no concept of ridicule. They have such a strong self-image that no-one can alter it. They are both admirable and terribly dangerous. If a tyrant never sees wrong in their tyranny – even reflected in other’s scornful laughter – they just keep on cutting throats.

I find it best to laugh along when detected – then change subtly to a more dignified mien. And keep note on who laughed…you may be able to order their destruction later.

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