Quote From Famous Person

Accompanied by a picture of them.

Attached to a website that promotes your opinion. It may be on religion, politics, or health – whatever. The famous person says you are right. How can anyone dispute with you now?

Of course there will always be some foolish troll who disagrees. But you can call them vile names and/or hint that they’re connected to the Third Reich. If you can do it with trendy abbreviations or buzz phrases, all the better – in any case you may depend upon other people who can neither sleep or work to chime in and help you out. Somewhere in the world, someone has the time to snarl at a stranger for you.

It’s a wonderful age we live in. You used to have to go to a dirty barroom or a drafty church to get in an argument with someone. You had to stand around in the mud and horse shit to yell at other people on the street. Now you can do it from the comfy chair in the lounge room or a mobile phone while sitting in the local shopping mall. With a spare half hour you can enjoy your latte and loutish behaviour in safety.

For myself, I like to draw my famous people from the Algonquin Club – they had the sort of attitude that was fun to watch in action. A lot of their work was brilliant in its day and has still retained most of its power now. If you can deliver a Benchley or Parker line deadpan and exactly on time you can sweep ’em off their chairs.

This is posited upon your audience being able to understand cross-wit and clever use of language. Pitch it high and hope for the best – if it goes over the top of their heads they’ll never hear it.

One caution; your best work should never go out on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. The audience may be there but you are crowded off the stage by scam memes and foolish advertisements. Even the genuine ones may so childish as to turn the best eyes away. Reserve your polished work for cocktail parties or websites where the IQ goes into double figures.

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