SmarmyMeme Pty Ltd

Are you involved in a social media circle and want to complain about the government, or someone else’s government, or someone else’s sex? And are you handicapped because you’re hard of thinking? Well, have we got the answer for you…

Now you can sparkle along with the witty, debate along with the learned, and crow along with the victorious – Smarmymeme is your answer to social media impotence. You need not shy away from sticking it right up them on account of flaccid thought. We supply the rod of iron you always wanted.

Too often the stupid and bigoted are looked down upon by their betters in the fields of debate, thought, and humanity. They languish behind the literary door when the talk turns to science, politics, or art. They really only get to have a say when superstition and its respectable cousin – religion – are introduced. Then the dullard can mouth centuries-old slogans and cut throats cheerfully. No-one can say them nay when no-one can say them yay either…

Now there’s an alternative provided by the Backstabbers Guild Of Australia – SmarmyMeme Pty Ltd ( registered in Lesotho ) can write you a series of clever provocations, equally clever responses, and defences that’ll make you look like a combination of Oscar Wilde and Gandhi. You need not wear velvet or an old loin cloth as you dominate all debate on Facebook. People will respect you as never before…( Up to now they have looked on you as marginally less intelligent than a liver fluke. SmarmyMeme can change all that ).

It’s a simple subscription service that ties your bank account in with the BGA Verlag Bundeshandelbanke in the Cayman Islands and ensures a smooth transition for your pension funds. You’ll look good on-line and we’ll never tell.

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