Exciting People, Exciting Times

And how to ignore them whenever possible.

If you are of a ” certain age ” you have seen that bullshit before. You once had one, it broke, and you didn’t bother to replace it. You’ve met his/her brother/sister and they were pains in the ass too. You’ve got three of them unused in the closet in the original wrapping and quite frankly you’d rather be home with your pyjamas on and a cup of tea.

Welcome to maturity. You have ripened. You might be softening on the outside, but you are hardening on the inside…or it may be vice versa. In any case, the adenoidal voice of youth sings to others and you do not need to listen. And despite what the memes and the Disney movies say, you are far happier keeping kids off the lawn with a rifle than dancing to rap music with them. You no longer believe in magic but you do believe in Metamucil.

Do not feel bad. Your time is as valuable to you as theirs is to them, and you need not spend yours trying to be a part of the Children’s Crusade. You can quite legitimately laugh at their follies, as you have earned your lumps by pursuing your own years ago.

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