” Dutch East Indies Calling… “

Got a phone call yesterday on my mobile from a 62 number. Apparently now Telstra are using Indonesia to call us to tell us our internet is faulty. Another person who overheard the conversation suggested that it may have been a scam call designed to gain valuable financial information or to insert malicious viruses into my device.

I think this is a case of being unnecessarily suspicious. I have given out banking details and passwords on dozens of occasions over the phone to people from India, East Pakistan, the Phillipines, and other foreign lands. I’ve corresponded with dozens of Nigerian Princesses and Ministers of Finance and expect great sums to be paid to me daily. It is one of the things that buoys me up in sad times.

The fact that I use someone else’s bank details and credit card numbers is neither here nor there. The callers seem perfectly satisfied with the strings of figures. I think I may have made their day, and it is such a small thing.

I must learn the phone codes so that I can greet the various callers in their own native languages.

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