The Bully-Boy Of Fitness

As a school student I frequently heard the Phys-Ed teachers speak of ” fitness “. It has since been heard from other coaches and instructors – and the reference has never been approving. No matter who addressed us, we were never ” fit ” .

I knew I was hearing a crock then but never had a chance to say so at the time.

The idea of ” fitness ” is fine, but left as an open-ended concept or slogan, it is nothing more than a jeer. Fitness for what? Physical fitness for…running, jumping, propelling balls into some sort of goal, etc? Physical fitness to chop wood or wrestle water pipes all day? Physical fitness to stay awake and calm while coaches berate you?

How about mental fitness or financial fitness? Or, best of all, moral fitness?

Oddly enough I suspect that a lot of the students who were on the end of taunts and sneers from teachers were far fitter than the teachers themselves in these latter categories. We’ve grown up, and gone out into the world and made it work. Many of us could, and did, and even if we couldn’t, we taught.

And few of us fell so low that we had to teach Phys-Ed.

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