Slap Happy

In my defence I have to state that I did not realise it was just an alliterative phrase. I thought it was a formula for social behaviour.

My attempt to cheer up the local head of the Citizen’s Committee would probably have gone better had I seen something like ” speak politely ” or ” present logical arguments ” instead of the heading phrase. To my credit I wish to state that I had nothing but the best intentions.

It would probably still have worked out okay if the Chairwoman had been standing a little bit further away. I have poor eyesight beyond my reach and were she to have stood outside of arm’s length we could still remain friends. I’m just grateful that the term ” slap” implies an open hand instead of a fist.

She’s a game woman, and got up within minutes. I have no idea where she learned that language, but I am prepared to forgive her for the reaction. It certainly was the most startling meeting I have been to in a long while.

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