Broken Bottle Conversations

As in, ” You may as well punch yourself with a broken bottle as get into these discussions…”.

a. ” Do these panties make my boobs look big? “

If you are there to hear this question you have achieved the most that life will ever offer you. You may say yes or no, and accept the consequences. You need have no regrets.

b. ” Do these boobs make my panties look big? ”

Here you are on a whole new plane of existence, and one that is not over-crowded. How you got here is the interesting part of it all, but people may be hesitant to ask for details. I should write them down and seal them in a plain envelope.

c. ” What makes you think that…”

And here you can add any tail to the question you wish – nothing that is asked is a question and nothing you will say is an answer. You might as well start the fistfight now and save time.

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