A recent post on the Facebook social media site centred around the current Australian census. We’ll be doing it on the 10th of August, if we haven’t already filled ours in on-line.

The census form has a question about people’s religious affiliations and gives a number of choices with which to identify. Plus it allows a ” no religion ” tick…or the choice of not answering the thing altogether. Pretty wide-ranging…but that can still attract complaint.

The Facebook post purports to be a letter from a lawyer advising people to make certain choices in their census forms…or the Muslims will take over the country.

The wording and punctuation are faulty – the logic flawed – but the bigotry is 100% perfect. And that bigotry is the point of the whole exercise. It is a baiting statement designed to inflame the readership – and possibly to feed back information to the writer about who to either target or enlist for further posts.

Like a turd on the footpath, it has no good function. Walk round it and do not touch it. Time and the wind will blow it away.

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