Validate Me

No, really…I mean it. I need someone to approve of me so that I can get free parking.

The fact that I will be parking on your lawn and shitting in your rose garden is beside the point – I still need your signature to do it. I could do with some paper afterwards, too. The soft stuff, if you have it.

So much that passes for communication on social media is just people begging for approval. The funny part is that they ask it of people who would agree with them no matter what they do – and also of people who would feed them into a council mulcher given half the chance. It is a very un-selective appeal.

I have done it myself – posted articles that were no more than cries for help from the unhelpful or calls for attention from the inattentive. In both cases I have got what they could give – not what I asked for. And in both cases I have benefitted from it.

You see, when someone ignores you – for whatever reason – they strengthen you. They boost either your ability to shriek louder or your wisdom in deciding to shut up and just get on with it. Either way you’ll eventually resolve the problem. You may look like a fool and a parasite as you do it but that hasn’t stopped comedians or tapeworms – they both still function.

Note: Check your stools regularly for comedian eggs.

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