I Take It All Back!

My contemptuous treatment of Facebook has been noticeable in the past few years. It has been an easy target for the satirist in me, as well as the moralistic reformer. I have alternately howled with laughter or outrage at the way it is operated.

No more. From this date I shall accept every thing that the Zukchannel does with gleeful applause. It has managed to amuse me – and those of you who know about Queen Victoria will realise how hard that is to acheive.

The daily SOS* has been particularly amusing – items have been presented for purchase, causes have been spruiked, and scams have been attempted in the usual manner – but they have been so blatant, theatrical , and charming as to remove any poison form their makeup. They have ceased to be threats and are entertainments.

I cannot say that I will not revert to the Cotton Mather of the internet, but while I am happy you may all dance before me and I will applaud.

*SOS. Those of you who have eaten in army messes or construction camp dining halls will know what SOS is. Those of you who have not may treasure your innocence. I go back for seconds.

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