When Your Journey Succeeds

All too often we cry in pain, anger, or petulance when we are frustrated. When life deals us lemons, and rotten ones at that. When it does not go well, and we are unhappy. Yet we forget to make as much noise when it is the other way.

Let me amend this – Monday had a good day. I’d not won the Lotto, nor scored the winning goal, nor even managed to subject the world to my sovereign will. Yet, I’d had a good one. And it is only fair that I thank God and the rest of the creatures around me for it.

I set out in the morning to buy three lamps from IKEA. A whim, perhaps, but a whim that had a solid need behind it. A whim that was economical – the same lamps were double the price at my local chain hardware store. I coupled this need with another desire – a visit to a hobby shop for a specific item.

The road was dry and the traffic light. The trip to the hobby shop was easy as the lights turned green in good time. The item I wanted was there on the shelf at a modest price. Score one for me.

The trip to IKEA store was also as easy as. For all the traffic jam days and anger days that we suffer, there must be some easy ones as well. IKEA had what I needed, the aisles were free, and I was in and out faster than a Reno divorce. Hint: park on the outer part of the carpark. The extra time spent walking to and from the car is recouped with the ease of driving away – free of the Karens in the SUV’s fighting through the congested section.

I got home…with the goods in the house and set up. I could do what I wanted to do. There was no challenge to the tranquillity. I am grateful.

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