Always Choose E.

Because E. is ” None of the above “.

We’ve all filled in forms, done exams, and taken surveys that set out a series of choices. You get the conventional conservative wisdom, the conventional radical wisdom, and the conventional commercial wisdom – all set out as A., B., and C. There will be the pet wisdom of the writer as D., and the let-out clause as E. It will say ” None of the above “.

Always choose E, and do not aupply any explanation if the the next part of the form asks for it.

This would be a trap trying to get you to define yourself or your opinions – so that you could be persecuted or persuaded out of them. ( Note: if given a choice between persecution or tolerance, always opt for the former. It gives a much better chance of defeating your enemies…) You must give the enquirers no handle with which to manipulate you.

The E response means you are free to do your own thinking…If you decide to move through the streets spruiking it with a megaphone that is your choice. You may also keep it quietly as a private matter.

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