Mike Lester For President

Or Prime Minister. Or Chief Pooh-Bah. Whatever. Just award him for saying it so well.

I read his cartoon strip ” Mike Du Jour ” every day. It is one of my 15 regular strip choices that cheer the day. I regularly seek them out after 3:00 PM local time to repair my soul.

He’s recently had Inspector Fuschia from the Comic Strip Diversity Force inspect the office of Bottom Line Inc. to look for diversity. So far she’s been bitten by Minnie, the dog and thrown out of a window by Dinah – an orange-coloured character. In the first case she insists that Minnie is a mongrel even though that is not the case, and with Dinah, she asked her how she ” identifies “.

The note on the last panel as Agent Fuschia is being thrown out a window is ” Does Not Play “

I am delighted with this a response to the importunities of would-be political managers. I shall adopt it as my retort to any number of questions and use it as a firm foundation for future decisions.

I shall not play. Whether I get an opportunity to defenestrate the political pressure pests is another matter, but we can always hope.

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