Cornythology: The Study Of The Bird Of Parodies

I hope that my Facebook readers will have recently seen a discussion centring on some of the urgent questions of the age…such as the brianwashing of children. Not someone else’s children. Are children.

The writer is supposedly someone who goes under the moniker ” Woke Warrior “. The rest of the post is in similar vein, and I find myself radiating admiration like a Hecla 5-bar heater. The friends who have hopped onto the thread and are kicking the stuffing out of the straw man are having a good time too…but I fear some of them may think it a genuine post.

If they do – and these are reasonable and sensible people I’m writing about – it is a sign that ” Woke Warrior ” is somewhat of a minor genius. I can only hope that he has a job as a writer for a satirical publication or for a stand-up comic. To be able to create a parody that is so accurate and subtle as to create doubt in the mind of the audience is a rare thing.

Those of us who remember ” Dr. Strangelove ” or ” Spinal Tap ” will recognise it. Even the Mike Myers movies had something of this in it, though excruciatingly played.

And there are the television comedy teams that do it – the wise ones do it for a short season and then trade that notoriety into more sophisticated entertainment. Even Sasha Cohen managed to do that – he’s played straight roles well, despite his behaviour in early pieces.

I wonder if Woke Warrior has any plans to tour stand-up?

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