Pig Breeder’s Gazette

And Oil Industry Monthly. Also Scrap BookTips And Tricks.

All perfectly good publications and all seen in the waiting rooms of various Perth professionals over the years. In the case of the pigs, the ophthalmologist who proffered it had no farm of his own at all. Nor did the person who kept the oil journals have his own well. I cannot speak for the scrap booker.

I wondered at it and asked discreetly why these were in the waiting rooms. The answer was simple – they were the sort of magazine that was highly unlikely to be stolen by the clients. The PBG or OIM that started the year was likely to be there at Christmas…hardly thumbed.

The minds of the poor clients and patients might have been ragged mush by then, but it saved the cost of buying new Time or Australian Woman’s Weekly that might have disappeared into shopping bags or large purses.

For my own waiting room, I got fresh magazines in each week. The staff could choose them and the surgery paid. I always got Military Modelling as a monthly and a couple of other blokey reads – but I recognised that the ladies liked lady’s magazines. We literally did not care if they got pinched at the end of their week or month, and only charged people the cost of a new magazine if they stole it before we got chance to read it ourselves.

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