I Admire The Patient

But I’m in a hurry…can you be more tolerant, and faster…

As you get older you become two things; less tolerant of people who get in your way and slower yourself. If this sounds hypocritical, it is – and it is surprising that we, who spend so much of our time talking to ourselves, should fail to listen to us.

But I do pay attention to people who are smarter and better than I. The only thing I require is that I should be the one who adjudges them in this character. I am wary of those presented as such by unknown authority…I suspect a fraud most of the time.

But there are genuine articles; M. Voltaire and the Dalai Lama being among that happy group. From the first I have read a caution this week…not to add to much of myself in the essays I write for my commercial column. The people who I hope read it are interested in their own affairs impacted by the principle topic; photography. I need to address them about themselves.

From His Holiness I read a suggestion that I may draw benefit from every person I encounter – example for emulation from the good and an opportunity to reflect upon my own deficiencies from the, well, not-so-good. Either way I need to work on the character for which I am principally responsible, and cause as little trouble to others as possible.

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