” In A Relationship “

With the rise of social media and the propensity for everyone to share their secrets, the use of the phrase ” In a relationship. ” has risen dramatically. It is apparently a euphemism for the old corky-porky. I am referring to humpy-pumpy. Dangle mangling. How specific do I have to be here, eh?

In any case, it is a rather unsatisfying term – as many of the relationships may also be. It covers only one aspect of life. There are so many more relationships that one engages in apart from the screechy gobble.

For instance – I am in a political relationship with Vladimir Putin. I deeply distrust him while at the same time having entire confidence in his probable actions. This far surpasses anything I can get at home.

Or again – I have a literary relationship with Will Rogers. Long dead, and known to me only by his writings and quotes, I respect his judgement utterly – with the possible exception of his deciding to go flying in a single -engine airplane to Alaska.

I have a needy relationship with YOU. I write – you read. And applaud, occasionally, if you please. The best relationships are a two-way affair. More than six ways attracts the press and police.

Note: It has been suggested that the social media code for all this might be changed to ” taken “. But then that invites curiosity as to where and when and by what…

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