Toot Toot Tootsie – Goodbye

If you are disturbed by mention of bodily functions like pooping and thinking, pass this post by.

I enjoyed myself for a moment there – older readers will recognise the importance of regularity and good hygiene. When it all works well, you are grateful. And timing is everything – too early is boring – too late is dreadful. Right on time puts the world right.

But after…we take the marvels of plumbing for granted until it plugs. Then we are catapulted back to the 19th century and have to start thinking fast.

One caution – if the first flush does not go away, subsequent ones will not improve the situation. I know that and never chance an overflow.

Time for the plunger…which we do not have. Time for Bunnings, which is still open til 9:00PM. Plunger and cranked snake ( just in case the plunger doesn’t work ). You have a choice of plungers – pure rubber cups, cheap plastic concertinas, and expensive plastic concertinas. I am not looking for an heirloom, so the El Cheapo will do, if anything does.

Back to the scene of sorrow, after a small detour to google up advice from people who have been there before. A squirt of dish detergent into the bowl and then the horrid act can begin.

Push, push, pump, pump. And the water level rapidly drops. It has worked! Flush again to test…still working well. Now to go hose off the plastic plunger and clean the scene with the loo brush and bleach duck. And peg the plunger out to the clothesline so that a cyclonic downpour can work its magic. It may flood the railway underpasses but I’ll get some good value from it.

Shall I wash my hands? Might as well. I mean, it’s July after all. Was it a good time? Well, I’ve attended fancier theatres and more elegant concerts but few occasions have riveted my attention quite as much.

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