Opportunity Knocks But Once

Importunity keeps on knocking. That’s because it has caught you on the can and you cannot wipe fast enough to get to the door. Yell out.

Opinion grabs your coat sleeve in the street and tries to thrust a pamphlet into your hand.

Reality doesn’t knock. It just opens the door and comes in regardless.

Wisdom stands outside the door and waits for you to open it. No knocking, just quiet patience. Some people never go to the door.

Folly sends you an SMS and just waits – knowing that you will eventually be sucker enough to open it.

Patience waits until the problem goes away of its own accord.

Impatience also waits, but complains whilst doing so. This often results in other people fixing the damn problem just to get a little peace.

Love calls sweetly from the other side of the door.

Lust rattles the doorknob and makes noises. if you have an old-fashioned keyhole, Lust peers in.

Depravity shoves something through that keyhole.

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