Bot Mocking

I note that every now and then my columns are censored by Facebook. I post these daily pieces over to that platform with the heading image, and while they nearly always post up the link details, they sometimes delete the title and the image.

I am not sending naked pictures, nor political symbols. I threaten no-one with the posts. The reading of them should trigger few people…but I think they trigger the bots.

Yesterday’s column made fun of Facebook and the people who use it for political promotion. The heading image was a graphic pastiche that tried to look like a Greek temple with an ” f ” in the middle. The blue and white colour of the image probably alerted the authorities and the approximation of the sacred symbol caused them to hide it. I restored it from my files and carried on.

Is this a policy of the thought police? Will I be removed from the Beisl by men in trench coats? Is there a van waiting?

What exactly is the punishment for laughing at the Kaiser?

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