No Name

I’ve just been reading about a Perth suburb that has seen someone sending anonymous letters to everyone in the area demanding that they do renovations or add a second storey to their homes to improve the neighbourhood. The letters seem to be harrassing but not outright abusive. Apparently they have been going on for 20 years…

I wonder at this – whether it is real or just an attention-getter for the news media. I’ll assume that it is real, because that’s fun to do. Play along with me – assume with me. And yes, I know what assuming does…

20 years is a long time to be a public nuisance or a private madman and not be caught at it. I find it hard to believe that no-one has ever had a glimpse of the pest. Which leads you to wonder whether there are more pests than one. And why is the anonymous letter campaign continuing? Possibilities:

a. The writer is s simple monomaniac. These people do exist – one plagued Fremantle for years with abusive political signs posted on his property. Perth also had Frederick – a man well-known to the public transport drivers and to anyone who passed by his modest East Perth home. Modest it may have been, but it sat on prime land. Frederick defended it from the demons in his mind by posting signs in the front yard. I expect the local coppers kept an eye on him, but it would have been one of sympathy.

b. The writer is trying to get to be a local autocrat. But strangely enough, not to be identified.

c. The writer wants to boost the sales value of their own home in the street. By making other people spend money. Boosterism.

d. The writer is connected to builders who put second stories on private homes. This is a cynical Ka-Ching idea, but not impossible.

You may never get an anonymous letter or other communication:

a. From ” a friend “.

b. From ” a concerned resident “.

c. From no-one at all.

But if you do, you have a clear and distinct duty. Look first at the bottom of any letter to see whether it is, indeed, from an unidentified or unidentifiable source. If it is, instantly stop reading and throw the thing in the fire. Or the bin.

Put it entirely out of your mind. Anonymity is the vacuum of communications, and, like Nature, you may abhor and ignore it.

Should a campaign of annoyance develop, put it in the hands of the local police station. They probably know more than they let on about the local crazies.

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