Reductio Ad Hitlerum

I had no idea this was still a real thing until I saw it played recently.

A ” shared ” post went by on Facebook that recalled Willi Brandt’s apologia in Poland for wartime German atrocities. It was a decently written thing and seemed to be well received…yet it tried to connect this individual act of political repentance to current racial politics in the US.

I suspect it is an arguing technique that has been used many times. I’ve seen advocates for widespread distribution of firearms use it to press their opinions. All sides of politics call upon it – not so much to justify themselves as to derail opposing arguments. It appears that the first person who flashes this particular card in the game feels they have won the trick.

I wonder if there are similar debating ploys that use other well-known dictators and tyrants? Reductio ad Stalinum or ad Mao? Possibly – here in Australia any reference to Chinese politics seems to pin around Tiananmen Square and/or the latest Xi bulletin.

For my part, I found it interesting but rubbish logically. The people who would connect historical wrongs with current citizens based upon a perceived race or colour are playing with specious cards to start with. Even Mr. Obama – the first grey American president – realised that he could not directly press the thought.

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