Kindliness And Treachery

The first word you saw in the title defines your character. If it was ” And ” you really do need to get out more…

You may think it odd to combine these two terms in one heading, but you have to remember that they are inextricably linked. You can only be treacherous to those who trust you, and the way to earn that trust is kindliness. Conversely, if you are kind to the treacherous you may recover their souls and then nail them to the barn door.

I am always kind – including the occasions with the whips and rock salt. It is by far the best approach to any situation, as it enables one to gain time for more valuable action. No-one rebuffs a gentle smile and a helping hand, even when that hand is rifling the till.

Of course, one can go too far, too soon. People are naturally suspicious and it does no good to raise their hackles before you have a missile lock. Start small – speak platitudes or commonplaces as long as necessary until you can ease their minds and gain their confidence. Time enough to get them to divulge the names of their associates. And do not be in a hurry to phone through to the Department with the information. No-one likes a snitch.

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