” You Were Just Sex Mad…”

Wrong, I was sex glad.

Mad never entered into it once the elastic started snapping. Sex was always the culmination of a great deal of effort and expense and once you got there, you were not in a hurry to leave. Others might have been, but that’s another story.

As far as being obsessed with sex…come on…we’re talking about teenagerie and twenties-time. Of course we were all obsessed. And rightly so – at the peak of fertility and fecund appeal. As toned as we would ever be…in my case it was done using Kodak materials…and pretty well powerless in any other sphere of activity.

We had little money, few jobs, no political power, and no sign of academic respect. The only thing we could do well was poke the bare. Stop cringing at the jokes. You know you wanted to do it as well.

Well, madness doesn’t last forever ( outside of Queensland ) and eventually we matured and settled down and zipped up and shut up. And became solid citizens….many of us have solidified something horrible in middle age. We have given up PLAYBOY magazine, and COSMOPOLITAN for that matter. We have taken up hobbies and mortgages. We have learned how to vote after thinking instead of the other way round.

But we still remember the hot days with nostalgia. And the occasional unexplained itch.

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