Yo, Wassup, Dawgs…

Seriously, you have to read this…

The address on a formal letter is somewhat different from the greeting on an email. The electronic communication is more immediate and may be a little more personal. But there are levels of intimacy and youthful behaviour to which no-one should descend.

I received an email that urged me to read it with the ” Seriously, you’ve got to…” phrase. I recognised it from a number of advertisements that pop up. I was able to pop it down again. No, I did not do what I was bid, nor will I should it be told me again in such a fashion. I can be serious, but on my own terms and in my own time.

As for ” Wassup, Dawgs “, I consider this a fine salutation and welcome it whenever I see it on YouTube. It enables me to turn off the tablet, put it down, and get on with a useful activity with no lingering regret.

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