Replacing Queensland

The move to replace the state of Queensland with a better idea has been on the cards for decades. While few Australians would welcome razing the cities and towns and sowing the earth with salt, everyone agrees that something must be done.

The CSIRO has finally had to admit that it would be impossible to dig a trench around the state and then saw it off ten feet down. The resultant raft of land would not be buoyant enough to sail out into the Pacific ocean and drift off to somewhere else. The best that could be achieved with this model would be to remove Brisbane and the Gold Coast and this still leaves the problem of Cairns, Townsville, and the interior.

The Prime Minister’s Fence to keep Queenslanders from flooding into the rest of the continent and affecting the wells has also been shelved – though I really think that it should have been examined more thoroughly. Construction of this safety barrier could have given a lot of jobs to Australians over a long time. The Snowy River Scheme was of immense benefit to NSW and Victoria – the Prime Minister’s Fence would surely be equally helpful.

Of course, with any large public question there are suggestions from interested parties that show them jockeying for position or trying to gain wealth. Thus the proposal from the Western Australian mining magnates ( you know who they are… ) that Queensland be sold to overseas interests was always seen to be suspect. Offering the entire state plus the Brisbane football and cricket teams to Argentina sounded attractive but was never a go-er.

The BGA has put forward the proposal that the state be placed in an entirely different time zone from the rest of Australia – and not just by an hour or so. Let them be 9.45 hours different from the rest of the continent and compelled to use a different date and month of the year in their contacts with the rest of the world and see what happens. This, and the introduction of the Suomi language as the only legal form of communication should quiet the border nicely.

” Kuningatarmaa ” sounds cool.

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