They Got Money

a. Where dey git it? I want dat money! Dey gonna gimme dat money!

b. Where did they get it? How did they get it? Could I get some myself?

c. They have valuable possessions. That suggests that they have a lot of money. Did they obtain the possessions and money by investing? What did they invest in? Can I get in on the investment?

d. They can be seen associated with valuable possessions. It’s possible that they own these…or just lease or rent them. They may not hold possession of them at all. Am I seeing the possessions and not the persons?

e. They appear to have all they need. I have all I need. What a good thing that we are not jealous of each other.

And that’s the chart upon which you find your level. What attracted your mind when you read it? That’s your starting level.

Fine, but there are better thoughts available – just look down one category from your starting point. You may not be able to go to the end right now, but you might be able to go the next step if you think about it and practise doing it in other situations.

You’ll not be tampering with the people with the expensive possessions. You’ll not be lowering their tranquillity or satisfaction. You’ll be raising your own – one step at a time.

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