” It Is Better To Be In Bad Company

…Than to be alone “.

Sorry, General Washington, but I must finally disagree with you. You advised the other way. I have always thought you the wisest of men, but in this I need to state an opposite case.

If we are alone – moral, upright, and incorruptible – we are free from the goad of criminality…but we are none the less assaulted by pricks from every side. In the case of moral mentors, they are sad ones, with sombre faces and whining voices. They hurt the ears as much as they help the soul.

The other side – vicious and criminal – are much more fun to hear. Of course they will lead you to a hangman’s halter and the horrors of the dissection table, but before you reach these you will likely enjoy yourself.

Look…you need not go all the way to Heaven or to Hell in one journey. You can take the side roads to Adelaide or Albany and still have time for redemption or damnation after lunch. They never shut the gates.

Take some time to dabble with the damned. I certainly have and have compiled a little list of those who I would cheerfully consign to the flames. This will be sent on to the appropriate authorities in the hope that it might be speedily done. I am a little slower in wishing blessings on people, but then the people I know are more resistant to them. You have to beat it into some of them.

In any case, you need take no harm from the harmful if you have your shields up; politeness, distance, civility, and skepticism. ” I’ll be darned ” has saved many a Canadian from being damned. Though they did break out in a second bout of Trudeaus…

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