Tinned Gefilte Fish

If you don’t know the joke, don’t invest in cryptocurrency.

If you do know the joke, don’t invest in cryptocurrency.

Because there is no honour in associating with thieves – either for them or for you. They can only improve their lives by dealing with wiser and better people, and if you run with them you are neither. You are holding them back from rejecting a life of crime – and you should be ashamed of yourself. In fact, we’ve drawn up an invoice of all the things you have done to the criminals and thieves that have made them the way they are, and you are going to have to pay compensation to their lawyers because of it.

Well, that escalated quickly, didn’t it? I’ve been watching the social media and legal arguments put forward by the criminal lawyers and I’m getting right into it.

But back to cryptocurrency. A recent article that floated through Facebook carried a warning that cryptocurrency causes big damage to the environment by using up electricity that in its turn demands power station operation. There were technical quotes about the amount of carbon thrown into the atmosphere by this sort of fiscal exercise and it didn’t look good. It did put some of the other arguments about banning soda straws and plastic paperclips into perspective.

The people who operate the cryptocurrency three-card monté stands do not care how much carbon goes anywhere. They do not care a hoot about who suffers in any way. All they care about is getting someone to enter cash or bank credit into the funnel of their scheme. They’ll deal with it from then on and the punter need never worry their head again about it. They won’t see it again this side of the grave, and nor on the other side either.

If you wish to lose your money and look like a fool, by all means go down an electronic back alley and play the game. You will get exactly what you set out to get. If you have any other ambitions, convert them to a desire for poverty and the contempt of your peers – that is what you will have when it is all over.

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