The Zoom Backdrop Never Lies

The person mouthing a carefully-crafted speech into the camera may be telling attractive porkies but the wall poster behind them is shouting the truth all the while.

This was seen in a hilarious light recently when a woman was interviewed by the BBC with a dildo on a shelf behind her. Spin that as you will, it became the only portion of the video that anyone remembers. It may have done wonders for her sex life but tanked any other credibility she may have had.

I was drawn to this speculation by seeing a TikTok piece shared on another social media site showing a rather sleepy young man saying things in support of Politically Correct Thought. Speak as he might, the poster of Che Guevara behind him yelled over the top of his voice.

Disregarding Mr G’s appeal to chardonnay socialists and would-be fellow travellers of the internet, the actual history of his attitudes to women and gays, to black people and those of mixed race, and his general approach to justice – social and otherwise – show that he was a thoroughly nasty piece of work. Flying him as a flag while speaking PCT is either stupid or disingenuous.

The mystery that arises, of course, in the case of the rubber prick as well as the Cuban one, is whether the actor in front of it ” forgot ” it was there or carefully positioned it as a signal to the audience. A stiff question.

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