Ethically-Sourced Human Slaves

Getting slave labour in today’s righteously-charged world may seem difficult to do.

Many societies frown on captains landing on the coast and driving long chains of captives into the holds of their ships. Slave markets with auction blocks are being avoided, now that YouTube is available to capture Market Day. Even the orphanages and child refuges that used to ship children out from the UK are loathe to send them – prospective owners here in Australia can now be desperate for field hands.

Fortunately it is possible to secure a ready supply of unwilling bodies quite legally – all one needs to do is engage the services of the financial brokers who operate pay-later schemes.

Of course there has to be some bait on the hook to catch the fish – though at the present the travel and tourism three-gangers are not being wound onto the lines – the virtual lockdown has kept most sensible people home.

Still, there are luxury goods like motor vehicles, recreation supplies, cameras, jewels, and fashion items. These last can be most lucrative – fashion labels are very inexpensive to embroider and can be sewn into any garment. And clothes wear out – the desire for them doesn’t.

Once a person is attracted to something they do not need they can be cozened into signing up to pay far above any reasonable price for it. This starts a cycle of desire, acquisition, and debt that eventually renders them incapable of movement or independence. Then you merely scoop them up and put them in the basket. You’ll be aided by the credit card companies and any bank you care to name.

This may seem cruel and inhuman, but how unusual can it be when it is the norm in so many businesses?

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