If You Can’t Handle Me…

We’ve all seen the meme that says:

If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best. “

It’s been trotted all through the social media, attributed to various authors – I’ve just turned the page of a desk calendar and read it – apparently from Marilyn Monroe. I dread finding some day that someone is trying to sell it as a quote from Voltaire or Friedrich the Great…

I know people who would try that…

My take on the calendar page is that it is a load of bullshit. But useful, nevertheless, as a starting point to consider how we should deal with others. For a start, we should not compel them to suffer bad behaviour on our part on the mere hope that one day it will turn good.

If we are going to interact with others – as opposed to merely act upon them – we need to consider whether we should EVER deal them out selfishness, impatience, and insecurity – as Marilyn is supposed to have said. I think not. Other people are not there to act as the ink sinks of out personal printers. They were not put on Earth to cope with us – they have enough to do to cope with the weather, hunger, and disease.

If we try to elevate ourselves to a force of nature and demand that everyone bow to us, we are worse than mere tyrants. We are pretenders to divinity – without understanding what divinity really is.

Look, rewrite the meme. Write it fresh, without asking others to suffer for it:

” If I present my worst to you, please forgive me. I will try to do better. “

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