Making Your Own Triggers

We have all encountered the concept of the ” trigger word’ in these last few years as people try to use the idea to prevent others from speaking. It’s proved effective, as have so many other tools of psycho-babble. You see it tacked onto many introductory paragraphs and anyone who wants to can use the idea as an excuse to avoid arguments. Becoming emotional replaces becoming smarter.

I’ve decided to join the bandwagon, but in a private way. I find I do have trigger words and trigger images that…well…trigger me off. Trigger off sadness, disgust, laughter, joy, and covetousness. Occasionally lust, but of the beter sort.

So I made a list for myself of the things that get my goat. And looked carefully at the list. And hidden it away from the prying eyes of the public – because knowing what’s on that list is a vary powerful way of controlling my emotions…and possibly controlling my behaviour. These two things should be under my control, if I am to be a good person.

What will I do with the items on the list? Add to them as new situations arise and subtract a few if they no longer bother me. I’ve done both those things in the recent past.

I’ll switch off the stimuli that are unpleasant – that I find irksome or ill-mannered. I’ll switch off a few people, as well – if they become irredeemably annoying. I’m not being paid to endure them – I can save a lot of angst by severing the connection.

I will leap with gratitude onto the good triggers and let the joy flow where it may.

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