As opposed to adulterating, adulting is not frowned on. In fact it is encouraged by the peddlers of virtue… along with sacrifice, suffering, and guilt. And it will cost you a lot of money.

Ever thought of shopping elsewhere?

Wednesday I put the wife and daughter on a plane to send them for a short holiday. I am staying in the cold weather and they are going to a resort in warm weather. So that’s the sacrifice sorted.

The suffering will be when the cat starts yowling for attention and I refrain from throwing an old shoe at it. If i give into the temptation I will get to the guilt part. None of these prospects appeal.

A little more to the taste was a series of plans made and jobs completed. The highlight was going to the hardware store and buying a new toilet seat. You can buy them from $ 22 to $109 but it would appear that they are very similar products. The bums that use them do not vary. I opted for the $ 22 cheek pincher and saved the rest.

DInner was been sorted – the wife left a complete series of easy-cook dinners for me in the freezer. I normally cook for the rest of the family anyway, but the fact that there ouldl be only one eating means my normal recipes would be overwhelming. As an adult I would now eat kiddy portions…

Past this, the house was clean and quiet and will not need re-straightening for a week. Perhaps adulthood is not as bad as has been feared.

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