” Dream The Improbable Dream “

The off-Broadway hit from Man Of Manangatang. Don Quixote tilts at a Southern Cross windmill until the local shire ranger throws him off the property. Matinee on Saturday.

We are always having dreams thrown at us – other people’s visions to make us do what they want and our own to make us do what other people want…I see a pattern here. I think we need to wake up.

I have dreams. Dreams at night and dreams during the day. Most of them do not involve scantily-clad females. That was earlier in my life. Now they involve being far away from home and finding that the car is missing. There is also an undercurrent of fear and guilt about having unlicensed firearms or stolen cameras secreted in the house. The main problem with this is I have never had either anywhere.

I’ve read that dreams are the brain replaying a story for itself – drawing upon past experiences as well as observed items from normal life. This makes the illegal fears dream doubly puzzling. As I say, it has no basis in reality – yet there it is in Technicolour Brain Cinema.

I can certainly understand the dreams that involve old houses that I used to live in. That’s stored in there and can be called out as needed. Also the ones where I’m naked walking down the mains street in town. The interesting thing is these are not nightmarish images. At least not for me – the other denizens of the dreamscape may be in distress…

As far as day dreams, these are often decried as being unhelpful. We are always being cautioned against them. I think this is booshwah – daydreams are what cause us to do a great many things. If we don’t imagine, we never think up new projects. Dream away, and take notes.

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