Crass Folly Vs Gross Folly

Is there a difference? Yes, but you need to be trained to see it. We can train you for $ 39.95.

Now there’s a bargain. Used to take an entire lifetime and three burnt-out villages to teach the average person how to discriminate between the two follies. Erasmus tried to provide a guide book but people rejected it. Wilde was a guide but neither the Boy Scouts nor the Girl Guides wanted much to do with him.

The Guild has determined to do better – we want people to be able to avoid the worst of the scams that are currently being foisted upon them – to save their money and loyalty, and to bestow it on us. We promise never to leave people in the lurch. The Lurch is far too valuable to serve as a mere prison.

To begin:

a. Crass folly is seen everywhere that crass people go. Facebook, the Royal Show, Burswood Casino, and a great many places in the City of Stirling. It is their response to nearly any stimulus that commerce or crime can offer – from drugs to gambling to prostitution to tomato peelers that wash windows. Some of the folly – like the drugs and the prostitution – is harmful and best avoided – some, like the tomato peelers, can actually be useful.

Consider a crass person’s needs; food, shelter, clothing, and amusement. These are remarkably like yours – but in a cruder form. The Crasser ( a coined name, and mostly of brass… ) can eat fast food hamburgers served over chips and never complain. They can drink Fosters lager, and do. They can live in a dog box or a City Beach mansion with equal satisfaction. They can wear clothing emblazoned with meaningless phrases or commercial advertisements and think themselves the height of fashion. They can watch My Big Brother Rules The Drag Race and actually roar with laughter. They are fortunate in being able to subsist upon the rubbish of the rest of the population, and like it.

They are somewhat of a boon. So was Daniel, but he was a better shot.

Crass people exist so that the people who think they are better than the crass people can look down their noses at them. Snobs exist so the crass can look up their noses. It is Nature’s wonderful scheme. Nose calls to nose across the sounding deep.

b. Gross folly is folly that comes in a carton. There are 144 examples of it in every pack.

It can be descried by both the high and the low – and held in abhorrence by them equally…until they decide that it looks like fun or profit, and then it will rise in their estimation. Examples?

Exercise machines made of cheap plastic and metal tubing sold on eBay or the social media sites…then used to clutter back porches until the next council verge collection take them away. The purchasers could save time and effort by putting cash on the verge in the first place.

Plastic stickers that obscure the driver’s vision when applied to windscreens or back windows.. They might be political or commercial, but none of them make any sense.

Home-made alcohol purchased from strangers. This is not just a Bali folly. It can be done in the Margaret River region just as easily.

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