” Discontents May Have Settled In Shipping “

Particularly if the goods are sentiments that have been sent from overseas by YouTube.

You can call up unhappy plaints these days from all over the world with a flourish of your computer mouse. Or a tap on the keyboard – instantly you’ll hear how the previous American president was a scoundrel and the current one a god. Or exactly the reverse.

You can be told of alien invasions, secret plots, and diabolical conspiracies. In some cases you’ll be asked to send money to either promote or prevent the collapse of civilisation. It’s really as exciting as the fairy tales were when you were 3 years old. And equally as relevant.

If you have always hated some group of people you can find a comforting spokesman for that hatred and a community of the like-minded. Equally, if you have always loved the same group of people you can join their supporters. There are even groups who don’t care one way or the other and are prepared to die rather than surrender their apathy. Just pick your point of view and sit on it.

I applaud all this, as long as it stays away from my door. Watching other people become maniacs is pleasant and amusing…provided they do it on the other side of the town. It is as well to choose a movement that is going away from you at at a safe rate of knots and support it fully as long as it doesn’t curve round and head back.

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