Be An Army Engineer With Your Life

a. Build camps.

Make places to live in for yourself. They might be a house, an apartment, or just a house trailer. Make them to suit the size of your life and your resources. Take no shit from anyone regarding what they should be when you plan them – they are your camp and you’re the one making them.

Don’t listen to someone tell you it’s too big or too small, or located in the wrong place. They’re your decisions and make them for good reasons. Then stand by them.

b. Build fortresses.

Physical ones if necessary. Financial ones as far as possible and mental ones for sure.

Give yourself secure places and things to turn to in crisis. Maintain them and know when to resort to them.

c. Build bridges.

You can’t be truly secure or truly useful if you can’t reach the other troops. You can’t be victorious if you can’t reach the enemy. Build social, financial, and moral bridges with good people and at least communication bridges with bad ones.

Guard those bridges – the good ones so that they can get stronger and the bad ones so that you can blow them if necessary when attacked. Leave space in all constructions for charges.

d. Build dams.

Save energy, water, money, and fuel supplies whenever you can. Learn when to use them.

e. Know how to lay minefields and how to clear them.

Good days require neither procedure, but not all days are good. When you detect an enemy field, know how to avoid it. There are better ways of getting through them than on pogo sticks.

f. Know how to sap and mine your way to success.

If you want something that someone else has you may need to cause their destruction to get it. Be prepared to dig the dirt and line the trenches toward your goal and don’t scruple to lay charges under your rivals. It is hypocritical to look surprised when you set them off…

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