All Natural Mystical Healingful Goodnessly Nuturing.

As opposed to the Big Corporations who sell Chemicals for Vast Profits.

Our cosmetic company sells all-natural goodness. It contains secrets of ancient peoples. It is eco-friendly and never enslaves Dolphins in the Congo. It supported whomever you wanted to win the election wherever you wanted that to happen. Just dial in election and we’ll agree with you.

Our cosmetics are not packaged. Or at least not packaged in whichever container is the villain-of-the-month. We pay fair wages to our staff…who happen to be us and our cousin Ralph.

We always watch David Attenborough …or was it Richard Attenborough? Well we watch the one that makes you virtuous, anyway. And whichever Redgrave is fashionable at present. So you can buy our face grease with confidence.

And we have a web sight. It was going to be a site but the there’s an inspector of sites and we haven’t filled out any forms yet. Our printer is being used to make the labels for the face grease so we haven’t downloaded the forms.

You want a bottle of collageno-amboid? It’s still warm from the udder.

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