Julia37 Likes Your Post

It is easy to recognise the bots who infest my email account with fake likes. They all have a plausible girl’s name and a number after it. Occasionally it will be a man’s name but not often.

The email will have three unrelated posts attached to it and a standardised picture of an attractive young woman. Frequently the same picture will be used for three separate botposts in each day. Evidence that it is just automatic machinery.

I should be grateful to anyone who can tell me a way to stop this trade. Until then, I just delete anything with a number before it is even read. It’s led to some acerbic telephone calls from my bank, I can tell you.

I surmise that the autobot is just spreading a basic revolving mixture of pictures and non-committal posts for the purpose of advertising. Whatever is clinging to the back of the bot is meant to fall onto my screen. If there is a more sinister mechanism in operation it will also fail- I am just binning the things wholesale.

The most depressing part of this is the fact that the practice may be mistaken by the newbies or people with less English experience as real communication. Like a slightly more sensible spam message. It will still be filtered out, though.

I can write my own nonsense.

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