Hiding Your Bushel Under A Light

I’ve recently encountered a number of modern memes or buzz-phrases that seem to find hidden meanings in everything. The baldest comment instantly has hair. And the meme-poster starts in with the scissors…

Let me help my readers – both supporters and detractors. If I write something, that’s what I mean.

It may contain a typo or two – and sometimes Otto Korrekt gets to the copy after I have gone to sleep and alters the text – but by and large what I wrote is what I meant to convey. This should make reading my pieces a lot easier for intellectuals as well as the hard-of-thinking.

The laws of libel are somewhat variable in different jurisdictions – but they do exist and I have no desire to run foul of them. Thus, I do not attack people personally for the DISGUSTING HABITS that I’m sure they might have if anyone would fill me in on the details. I promise not to tell. I shall restrict myself to praise, because everyone likes praise. Since there is a good selection of it; fulsome, sincere, grudging, or faint amongst others – I should be able to find a good-sounding thing to say of everyone.

Actually, I was talking about you the other day on the radio…

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