Sexual Quantity Surveying 101

I have not given up hope of a better, kinder, fairer world, but I am starting to doubt whether it will be produced by the people who press for the censorship of children’s rhyme books. Their star is in the ascendant just now and some of the pronouncements and judgements they make seem to have the faint odour of performing seals.

I will likely not take personal injury from the pressure they put upon Dr. Seuss’ legatees. The books that have been withdrawn probably never featured in my library and possibly not in my childhood – I was never a Theodore Geisel fan at any time. But I do wonder how much harm his illustrations and his rhymes have done to the entire world.

Enough, apparently, to spark a dreadful outcry and the withdrawal of a number of the works. This is a serious comment on society and censorship, and a warning to all of us.

The warning? No matter what we have done, however innocent, we can be targeted for academic, political, or financial gain by people prepared to decry us. Should momentary circumstances favour their political view, or someone realise that there is a name to be made from the pursuit, we may expect to be hunted through the streets. We’ll only be dropped when the focus turns on someone else’s money or name.

For myself, I intend to be condemned for sexualising quantity surveying in the building trades…

” Phoooarrr. Look at the size of those purlins…!”

” I could go for an estimate of timber sizes. Geddit? Geddit? “

And this is even before I get to the teak and bamboo sections…

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