Sweetness And Light Weaponised

Well, you can blind satellites and disintegrate cruise missiles with light from powerful lasers – it may be possible to do the same with a stream of sugar.

Indeed, nitrated forms of sugar-based chemicals are very powerful and sensitive explosives. I cannot tell you how to make them as the shed has disappeared in a fireball and all my notes with it.

In the social world, sweetness and light can also play a major part in the downfall of your enemies.

a. You can suggest that they are heinous monsters and depraved human sludge…but if you say it nicely and put flowers on the Facebook meme, it will seem to be all right.

b. You can always contrast your own wonderful behaviour to theirs. Your wonderful behaviour may be painful and illegal, but not if you sell it right.

c. Personal sweetness in face-to-face situations can lure your enemy into making incautious admissions within friendly banter. Always keep a small notebook in which to write the details. Phone numbers and bank accounts are the best things to capture.

d. An established reputation for kindliness and loving behaviour is very useful. Try to always employ these tactics until your friends have halted and you can swoop on them. Destroy the head of the line and the last and then they are blocked.

Then you can casually rocket and strafe the ones in the middle.

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